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Tradereach are a logistics and warehousing company. They warehouse, asset track and install point of sale, and promotional merchandise. They also do surveys and audits, and provide delivery of promotional displays and fridges to events. Clients include Unilever, British American Tabacco, Red Bull and more... They are part of the Barrows group and are based in South Africa with the goal of expanding.


A bespoke internal website or console for managing and planning team resources.


We wanted to make the job easy and not a tedious process of micro managing every detail. A basic framework was built that allowed us to rapidly develop new forms, windows and reports. We used technologies such as PHP, Postgres, Ajax and Sencha JS. Using searchable and sortable grids users could quickly assign teams to jobs and plan the sequence or priority of their activities. The grids highlighted potential issues thus assisting workflow completion.

Visit the website:

http://www.tradereach.co.za - The console is a closed to public website.