Web HostingTry our value for money Linux hosting packages.

Getting startedSelect one of the Linux packages below that suits your budget or business needs.

R19.00 /month
750 MB storage 750 MB bandwidth 5 Parked or Subdomains 25 Email accounts Easy Control
R45.00 /month
1000 MB storage 3000 MB bandwidth 5 Parked or Subdomains 75 Email accounts Easy Control
R99.00 /month
2000 MB storage 5000 MB bandwidth 5 Parked or Subdomains 100 Email accounts Easy Control
R250.00 /month
3000 MB storage 5000 MB bandwidth 10 Parked or Subdomains 100 Email accounts Easy Control

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I getting?

In every case you're getting storage space, for your website, and bandwidth to your site, visitors generate traffic and use bandwidth. 24/7 support, if not from our office directly, through our server admins. Manage your own space through a control panel.

What other services do we offer?

If you need help publishing or moving your content we can assist. We can assist with domain transfers too. We also do website design.

What payments methods do we accept?

We accept two primary methods, Paypal and a direct EFT of funds. Paying with Paypal you will need to pay for the entire year up front. All packages can be paid monthly, bi-annually or annually, it's your choice.

Where are your servers?

Hosting your data is a huge responsibility, so we don't have our own servers. We chose a winner from a recognized list of the top ten hosting providers worldwide and locally. We offer hosting overseas and localy. We based much of our choice on support and uptime and have been with this provider for over 7 years now.

Can you guarentee 100% uptime?

No one can actually do this as computers and security need to be updated and restarted. For this reason most hosting providers can give 99% in a calendar month. The 1% being the restart or downtime.

What does your platform support?

If you need to support Microsoft products such as ASP.net, ASP, MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server or VBScript, then the packages above will not be for you. Please contact us and we can arrange Windows hosting for you.